Simple Solutions for Home

We understand that the simplest things can make life a whole lot easier.  Whether renovating your bathroom or just replacing a toilet, showerhead or even a tap - it might be just the right time to consider more comfortable choices.

– why not choose a lever or flick mix tap fittings and try the new soft turn washers in place of standard screw on/off taps.  You will immediately notice how much easier it is to grasp and use them.  They really make a difference.

– changing the shower screen to a part-screen can also help movement and access when showering.  The threshold or step into your shower can also be removed or replaced by a stepless shower base to give you a convenient and safer step-free shower access.

– hand-held shower heads are a handy addition to a shower. They are attached to a slide bar and can easily be height adjusted so they can be used sitting or standing.  It is also useful when you want your hair to stay dry while you shower - and can also be a very practical tool for cleaning the shower.

– when modifying your shower, consider incorporating a luxurious built-in shower seat, allowing you to relax and shower in safety and comfort in a seated position.

RAISED TOILET SEAT - it has been shown that these can make it easier to sit down on and get up from toilets that are positioned at the right height.  Toilet seats now come at different heights and widths. There are also adaptions to the existing toilet like the riser which comes with or without arms and can be attached to the toilet. We all have different safety and comfort needs.

THERMOSTATIC CONTROLS - Installing thermostatic controls as part of a bathroom renovation can be a great safety measure as they blend hot water with cold water to ensure constant, safe shower and bath outlet temperatures - preventing scalding.

– come in a range of different designs these days.  There are some really nice options available that provide extra support where you need it.  They can help you to maintain your balance as you move in and around your bathroom.

ANY OTHER IDEAS? - We are always available to discuss any other ideas you may have – and happy to work with you to find creative solutions for the plumbing needs around your home.

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